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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 18, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: my time is that appeared in the outcome is yours. neil: thank you, stuart very, very much. by days end if you've been hearing a lot of this is driven by some contributors to really haven't contributed much. this time ibm was kind of consider the loser of the dow. the story is it's doing gangbusters great, but it doesn't stink as much. revenues barely declining at all. a lot of people often mistake. maybe in the next quarter of revenue gain. this is how sites change after stock has been beaten down and ibm has gone down for the ride as well.
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the dow continues well into the record territory about 17% gain this year. this would be the 1000-point climb this year. a lot of people paying attention to that. many are worried that has all the makings of what they call it melts up. that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but does with stocks moving up, i've come up that there's got to be at least a a short-term come out. as noise happen either by the way. this whole run-up has been won without a substantial correction let alone the bear market retreat. of course next march we look at a nine-year bull market. we'll keep an eye on that. also an eye on the nfl meetings going on in about 15, 30 minutes tops. roger goodell and the other members will come out and they seemed eager and we are told at
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this point that it looks like they let players continue to do that. how that factors in for declining ratings and revenues and whether fans will be happy with the middle ground position that isn't clear. anyone's guess. connell mcshane in the middle of that. >> if an nfl player were to continue protesting this weekends game, and it looks like that could continue. no policy change which now do move into day two. the commissioner roger goodell entered the room last night and delivered a brief statement to a beard the players and owners have a productive meeting and they agreed to meet again sometime in the next couple weeks to talk about these issues of social justice important to many of the players. before he left come he did take one question where he was asked if the leak ever went to the players and asked for a commitment from them that they would stand during the anthem.
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here's what they said. [inaudible] >> we did not ask for it. we spent today talking about the issues that are players have been trying to bring attention to about issues in our committees to make our communities better. reporter: president trump has helped to keep the story of the news and tweeted about it again earlier today saying the nfl has decided that it will not force players to stand for the plane of our national anthem. total disrespect for our great country. at this point we are waiting for someone to come back and we're certainly interested in the business impact of their spending from the national anthem protest in the organization gallup did it outnumber showing that football's popularity, pro football over the past five years has declined whereas other major sports for the most part have helped steady.
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it didn't directly address with the anthem protest impact has been, but it was the political divide. republicans identifying, fallen by 15%. democrats only 3%. that does bring up some questions for the commissioner is to his level of concern see numbers like that. if the league has any plans to do anything to turn around the strands. within the next few minutes at the news conference. neil: o'connell, thank you very much believe the guy who said the nfl is done, stick a fork in it. the ceo says there's no way of finding middle ground on this. john says the nfl brand as we know it is dead. good to have you. you're not encouraged by what you are seeing or hearing, are you? >> neil, thank you for having me. i want to restate i don't believe the brand instead. they are hurting the brand by continuing to go down this path. i think all players start coming
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in now, dislike the president, and they could take away a lot of his ammunition simply by standing in many is nothing between about. tree into the nfl has decided they will not stand for the playing of the national anthem. total disrespect for our great country. for him there is no middle ground here. are they locked into a corner here because the owners from what i understand are not going to try to force the issue it becomes a remaining issue for fans that don't like it becoming an issue. >> well, you're right. it's a little disappointing the nfl didn't come out of these meetings with a clear position that they need to understand or whatever. they are coming up on next month is a month that they deemed salute to service and we are going to have veterans day on november 11th on saturday and the following day, sunday is a
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day of football. so they need to resolve the issue as it relates to the business piece of the because you have seen viewership has dropped 20% over the past few years from a high water mark in 2015. the core audience of the nfl is certainly a very patriotic consumer. neil: if you had to be a proverbial fly on the wall here, i'm sure that's been related to the players, the owners reminding each other no doubt about it that their brand is on the line here. now i'm sure there are other reasons beyond just the latest dealing with the national anthem issue. other fact yours at play. but it doesn't look good. do they have a moment where they say guys, ratings go down, revenues go down, potentially your salaries go down or you go away. i mean, how blunt you think it
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is behind closed doors? >> i think it's very blonde. you've got owners obviously in touch with the business aspect of it and both sides, owners and players share in a $15 billion a year pie that they want to keep growing and keep expanding to 25 billion. player salaries go up, et cetera appear 97% of nfl fans are exposed to the product through what they see on tv. and you've got the average salary or income in the united states of about $50,000 a year and you've got players that are maybe making $50,000 a day. when the customer or the consumer is perceiving that it's disrespectful to the flag and the soldiers into the national and am in that narrative is being perpetuated by the president, you know, they are going to lose that battle. i just think, you know, if you
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talk about the brand of the nfl, the business of the nfl, customer of the nfl, it's a very pitcher, you know, supportive audience and i think there's a time and place for everything and i wish that the owners and players would take maybe tuesday's, which are the days off to focus on these things instead of that. during the national anthem. i think the numbers don't lie and you see don't lie nec declines and there's probably a lot of reasons for that, neil, but certainly this perceived lack of patriotism, perception of reality in the marketing world and its impact in the brand. >> you are undeniably right. there is an impact here. thank you, my friend. former nfl player who has an interesting idea. maybe the president, colin kaepernick maybe should have been meeting to sort all this out.
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of course these former nfl player chris poletti within the oil and sand, tampa bay buccaneers. it was an interesting idea, chris and i'm very happy to have you. you understood where fans were coming from riding in a column. this is why i will never advocate for a protester in the national anthem. simply put it is country before so even when the country isn't where it should be. you recognize why the latitude they are, but then you said maybe the answer is inmates to pre-players, that is the president and colin kaepernick meeting. what difference would it make at this stage since both seem to become locked into their positions? >> that's precisely the point. both are locked into their positions that they have an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate unity which is what the country needs right now. if we stand and take a hard line and dig in our heels and say the players should stand or in the national anthem, which i adamantly agree with and leave
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it at that, we are doing ourselves in the country -- is a grave mistake. if you like our charges americans as individuals is to model what i believe athletes represent which is the best version of themselves, constantly bettering your best, constantly improving as americans faced with this issue. improve ourselves by understanding the other side in listening to the other side and not digging in our heels, but opening up our readers. if we do that, particularly president trump does that, since a very strong message of unity to the country, which it desperately needed. >> chris, you argue as well, there's a certain understanding of a lot of your former colleagues and players disagree with that and they didn't want to be backed into a corner. the president called them as abusers should be fired if they don't go along with that. of course it's been a rather show will going on here. i can't see a middle ground on this. you know the players far better than i, but the reality is this
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is missing ingredient in many themselves must realize that, but rules are rules. a lot of them have these roles that you stand for the national anthem and some owners fear if this rule was broken, what other rules have we broken down the road? >> first of all, the biggest problem is there is no rule and i'm very disappointed in the nfl for not taking a more firm stance in opposition. >> is educate me on that. on the field for the national anthem. >> commissioner caddell put out a statement that they feel all player should stand during the national anthem. it wasn't a mandate. >> they don't have that in their contract. >> they do not. the only thing written down is to be out on the field. it doesn't say anything about standing, sitting, kneeling, whatever. >> it doesn't. it was centered on this idea of using the nfl platform to raise
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and make an impact on certain civic issues and local communities. the problem is the nfl platform is eroding because our nationalism is eroding in that the biggest thing at stake here. my fear is where is this in 20 years? it would no longer play the national anthem? unbelievable. one plant 1 million americans, soldiers have died in defense of the freedom we enjoy every single day. that is celebrated by the national anthem. the one thing that affords us the right to protest. we should stand shoulder to shoulder and respect for that fact. however, we should also understand each other's differences and i feel like it to people, the president of the united states and colin kaepernick are right or wrong, like it or not is in the driver seat of the national protest could come together and sit down and talk about it. neil: was it a mistake for the president to refer to players who don't stand for the national anthem as the soviets?
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>> we all know president trump has an exceptionally well-developed tong when it comes to speaking in the media. i firmly agree with his position that all player should stand during the national anthem. i think it is a national, i'll even use the word tragedy because that's what this is all about. tragedies that have been one plant 1 million times because that's the number of americans. neil: i hear you so well and have great respect for you in your past and what you've done. a remarkable career by the way. and you're on apprentice so you've covered it all. but i just don't see some players budging from that. to them it's a point that cannot be compromised. >> was going to talk about action. one of the greatest coaches i played for was the head coach at texas a&m used to tell us what you can put up for till tell tamara gear today. >> the nfl is pursuing addressing some of these inadequacies of fairness towards
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minority, minority players in their respective communities. would that be enough? >> it is a start. this is taking too long. every single team has police officers to protect the individual teams. those are all throughout the season. how about bringing them out for the coin toss and a shaking of hands between the players. let's start there. let's do something. take some type of first step in the direction of unity because right now all right now all we see is players kneeling during the national anthem and that's the narrative. it's becoming a disrespect for the country and the avoidance of the issues they are kneeling for the first place. we need to step forward and put some action on the table. >> thank you very much. sound ideas. thank you very much for taking the time. we are waiting until roger goodell on the middle ground
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whether it didn't have the issues he addressed here whether they can find any middle ground here. this is a very disparate view you're getting politically because most republicans when polled on the issue are just repelled -- repulsed i should say by what players are doing. that barely any movement at all, and democrats. this is a sharp political wedge here in finding that middle ground is going to be tough. also finding a middle ground in getting taxes done will be tough. i'm not talking democrats and republicans. i'm talking the battle between lindsey graham and rand paul is getting very nasty. nasty or then whole nfl saying. why they aren't playing ball after this.
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neil: the full court press design. within a couple of developments. meeting with senators to close the deal, any deal and of course waiting for the framework between owners and players in the national football league. adam shapiro at the latest on all of the above thayer. >> this is an important meeting with senate finance, which includes democrats that the president is hoping he can persuade to join the republican
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effort to reform the tax code. w-whiskey is that the president said moments ago, reiterating his goal, his line in the stand for corporate taxes not only 20%, rate of 20% but that he wants to repatriate now what he calls $4 trillion of profits banked overseas and bring that back to the united states. here is what he said. >> will impose a one-time low tax on trillions of dollars of wealth overseas to encourage companies to bring back those profits and bring them back home and spend the money at home. right now they can bring the money back in because of bureaucratic goblins, because of certain legislation and most importantly because the tax rate is so high that only a very foolish company had would bring the money back. >> so he's talking about the one-time tax holiday. we've been reporting to trillion. he's now saying $4 trillion overseas. there's another issue the
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president is paying attention to today as yesterday's announcement about a bipartisan deal to inject billions of dollars to support insurance exchanges for people who don't have enough money to buy those insurance plans. the president greeted this morning that i am supportive of omar, that lamar alexander, the republican worked at the deal with patty murray the democrat as a process, but also insurance companies who have made a fortune with oak air. senator alexander said this morning that the president is correct that we don't want to be allowed insurance companies and he continues to work on a final solution for obamacare that would help americans. one last thing, take a look, i think we have a live picture of what's happening in the senate right now. they are now debating them will be voting upon different amendments to the budget resolution, the 20 team budget resolution. a key step passing a budget that
12:22 pm
has to take place before the senate as well as the house were ruined to move towards tax reform. we expect the actual vote on the 20 team budget resolution either late thursday night or early friday morning. we don't have time to explain. thank you. >> the feature that got the help air, where you would have a two-year extension providing insurance coverage and taxpayer money to cover the coverage. we now know the speaker paul ryan is key i'm not. that's pretty much that. the health care reform the billions of dollars to insurance companies is not a company that his face is going to support. so yes, if paul ryan is done aboard, the ship is docked. neil: adam shapiro, wayne on the
12:23 pm
markets, they were funny way of showing it. they might welcome this because they don't like the idea of showing up companies are taxpayer funds to do that. but it has been one of the things rattling a lot of those health care insurers and some of the others in that area. again, that is about the only area under pressure. almost all the sectors are up appreciably as the dow was up way over 23,000. in case you're counting, that's a record and of course this is one that knows no bounds here. a lot of folks looking and wondering if this melt up or if it's just a frenetic buying a healthy development of itself. i market watcher buddy, scott martin, does that worry you? >> it does worry me. but the market spike in the late have come as no mobile attacks upon getting priced at the current level. if you don't see the tax reform, swift and sweeping comprehensive tax reform in short order you'll see some level of
12:24 pm
disappointment. small businesses have become disappointed or the optimism that you get the decline. they haven't lost confidence in the american spirit, american economy but to grow faster without putting regulation. they lost confidence in the treasury secretaries ability to deliver on his promises are not the real concern that may be reflected in the financial markets and you can see market confidence declined in short order as well. that's something i'm really concerned about right now. neil: you know, looking at the broad-based nature of days, what is constructive is that ibm in all of this, sort of like a dinosaur going along for the ride up the proverbial dust appointment, but most of the gain in the dow today. it doesn't seem to stink as much. as much as they have been declining with the hope being in the next quarter, the one we are in right now, they could be
12:25 pm
nominally up. what you think about? >> i think it is a great time because these are kind of your father's blue-chip companies. ge in there as well which has been a terrible performer this year. multi-cusp of the market up, seeing stuff like ibm come to the forefront today as you mentioned with its contribution to the dow is great to see because when you see this financial companies which have been behind the s&p for so many years, that is a sign of a good market is money rotate them. it doesn't come out. it rotates around about prices going up. drink you real quickly, guys pretty young person comes up to you and says i've never been in the market, but gosh i've been hearing so much about this. what would you tell them? >> i would say jump in with both feet young man just make sure you have a long time because we are at a high cliff with respect to price. if you look down these markets come you got to be very excited as an investor.
12:26 pm
the macneill, go slow, young man. average in like you do. thanks for the long haul. we are going to get market corrections. those are really big writing opportunity. have a long-term is. the methodical and be slow about it. neil: very interesting. you are both much younger than i paid you to send a young person i was talking about was a man. i didn't telegraph that, did i. i didn't say anything. thank you very much. i market like this, should i die then, one thing i've learned in the 30 plus years doing this, am i that old? i guess i am. this is the moment, get out. we'd be saying this eight years ago with the bull market in the six years ago when it got heavier than five years ago on the cover business magazines. there's no way. it depends on your age and where you want to go.
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neil: all right. harvey weinstein brothers bob weinstein is facing allegations of his own. lauren simonetti on what this could mean. >> a story that keeps on giving. bob called harvey's behavior indispensable and crazy, but now come accused of sexual harassment. amanda siegel telling bob hit on her many times last year. calls the claims false and misleading and then there's "the wall street journal" reporting. several episodes of bob dolittle lane at the weinstein company. now questions about the health of that company. tmc report and that they want to buy out fast that they don't want bob running it. the plan is to have bob run
12:32 pm
dimension films, which the company also owns instead. either way they face challenges. even fast as to quote having a real problem and that he needed to build a new life and move on. we were expecting him to the put up a good fight and that could still happen. you have to remember this. harvey weinstein owns 20% of the company. if it fails, he walks away with nothing. technically he might be trying to put humpty dumpty back together again and get the sale to go through so he leaves for something coming meal. neil: incredible. lauren simonetti, thank you very much. one of the things i guess they are trying to do here is make the case for a criminal case. apparently it goes back to some
12:33 pm
interactions harvey weinstein had dating back to 2004 with the young woman with whom he had forced oral sex in another case in new york involving an actress where she said he was, i'll just cut to the chase here, forcing himself on her. now, these are criminal matters that they would have to prove and it's always the case that he said she said. so what is the likelihood of this escalating to criminal offenses? >> well, right now i believe they are criminal probes going on in both london and new york because they were allegations in london as well as the ones he spoke about in new york, neil. a criminal case has to be proven in its obligations have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. neil: how do they do that? i'm told that these are very
12:34 pm
tough to prove because one person's word against another. >> it's one person's word against another but in the court of law, a woman who testifies under oath that she was assaulted, a jury could leave her. i believe in one of the new york cases areas a tape of mr. weinstein make in admissions of the forcible touching of one of the italian actors. so again, i don't know when i wouldn't be the one to speak about whether or not this can be proven and there can be people that das office who are looking on it right now. certainly, those are criminal acts that they can be proven. neil: the one incident you refer to this new york model actor, dating back to march 2015. she was part of this undercover sting operation with the secret recording. that would give a little bit more to that case than the other one some 10 years prior.
12:35 pm
>> yeah, absolutely. neil: where do you see it going? >> i think you can encompass this whole thing. the weinstein brothers in the casting couch at a jail cell. where are they going to be? i mean, i handle civil matters. i defend companies in harassment cases. what you are lucky not as an abuse of power. i said to clients over the years, you know what, there's no such thing as a consensual affair with her boss. what they mean by that is when someone holds the power over your job, over your livelihood in the case of weinstein over whether or not you're going to get a part in that movie, who is to say later on whether that affair was really consensual or whether rep was something that the one man or could be a man felt that they were compelled to do in order to advance their career or keep their job. harassment is about power and it's about an abuse of power.
12:36 pm
and this is actually a text look example of what we call if these allegations are true and obviously many are being disputed. but if people felt they had to succumb to this behavior in order to keep their jobs or get the next part in the movie, that is called quit pro quote harassment and under the law it is textbook sexual harassment. neil: we watch closely. i actually understood that. you must be very good because i understood it. barbara, thank you very much. attorney who knows a lot about this stuff and where this case could go. we are waiting to hear from the national football league and what owners have decided to do, but apparently they are not going to punish players who opt not to stand for the national anthem. the question is, what is the middle ground if there is any middle ground because that behavior alone takes up a lot of the fan base here. but it does play both ways. nevertheless, they have to
12:37 pm
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neil: all right, we are to talk about this measure they thought they had covered to keep obamacare going for a little while an agreement among part of the democrats and republicans. that seems to be going nowhere fast. a separate issue as insurers are bracing prior to any of this for a drop in enrollment. gerri willis has the latest on all of that. >> hey, neil. insurers say their expect and people to enroll in insurance coverage on the exchanges as a deadline for sign of approaches. consumers were put off by higher rates, confucian and a shorter window to choose coverage. "the wall street journal" say reporting blue cross blue shield of michigan is expect him to lose customers who don't qualify for subsidies and will bear the full weight of rate increases. insurers raising rates on the
12:42 pm
aca health maintenance organization plans by about 23% on average. rick natter the company said this. the people we lose will likely be the ones who have affordability issues. as a result, insurers pulling out all the stops to get people to sign up for coverage and making sure people understand and the special websites for enrollees to make sure they understand options for next year. but the impact on enrollment is complicated. according to oliver wyman, they rose an estimated 524% in the second quarter of this year. all of those without subsidies plummeted 22.4%. on what happens to a bipartisan effort to shore up the aca gives future is uncertain what the president continues to critique the plan. >> thank you very much. the president simply cannot support one of the key aspects among republicans and democrats.
12:43 pm
take a look. >> do anything to end bridge the companies. they are being enriched by obamacare like nothing anyone seen before. i will not do anything to enrich the insurance companies. >> that surprised some of the republicans who are working on this deal. lamar alexander of tennessee and democrat patty murray, both of whom said they had to have this support on an effort that could keep those insurance payment coming for at least a couple years until they thought of something more permanent. the president again given paul ryan later rhyme thing that is going nowhere fast. the latest middle ground is gaining no ground. that was then, this is now. what happens now? kevin campbell and the doctor, renowned dr. cardiologist. i have deep respect for these guys. very good to have you.
12:44 pm
is it your sense then that nothing really has changed here because the president was to do anything else at the insurance companies. i know you have your own battle with insurance companies, would you make of this? >> i don't think anything has changed. even if this piece of legislation were passed, kicks the can down the road to more years. obamacare is going to fail and it's already failing. we see this with insurance companies pulling us out of the market. if we sure don't come in the same thing will happen two years later. i agree with the president saying no more subsidies to the insurance companies. neil: would it be too dramatic? one of the things being raised by cutting things off right now would be like ripping one of your patience off an operating table and that surgery. what are you saying? >> i think that is a concern. we must care for these people. congress has had eight years plus to come up with some viable replacements and they have not.
12:45 pm
that is what is frustrating to me. i think what the president has said it since you can't get anything done, maybe we can try to force your hand and now there is more bickering and nothing of substance being put forward. neil: as a cardiologist, at your level, has this affected you? in other words, do some of your patients, and maybe a lot come in and their coverages through the affordable care act and as a result it makes reimbursement and all that problematic? what would you say? >> it's impacted all of us and certainly us in cardiology are impacted greatly. what frustrates me is my patients come in and we can prevent major things happening that they can afford their medicine or they can't follow up or they can get to the doctors office or they don't have the copayment. there's so many things out there that are separated me from my patients and that is what frustrates me. we need health care reform that doesn't focus on whether you are democrat or republican, but
12:46 pm
focuses on the patient and make sure we put patients first. neil: i have dabbled this in a little bit, not to your degree. but i like and health insurance companies to, you know, student loan marketers, getting the student loan enables the universities to keep jacking up prices. getting the health care coverage allows hospitals to jack up fees and a lot of the special service. i'm not talking your own, sir. it doesn't do anything to contain pricing or make it more competitive the price. just actually supports the beast. what do you think? >> i think you're exactly right. why should they have operation cost so much more new york city as compared to small-town iowa? we need standard, transparent prices. insurance companies and device makers, they are responsible. physicians are making a lot of money on this stuff. it's mainly to hospitals,
12:47 pm
hospital administrators and then all the device manufacturers. insurance companies have made out with bandits at the affordable care act. drink a lot of the drug makers because they know insurance guys are covering our costs keep jacking up the price of what they have. they say because of research and development i don't buy that is a factor. one feeds the other sometimes, right? >> you are exactly right. my point is why should the united states see the research and development for all pharmaceutical. in denmark the country says we'll pay you this much for this drug is not a penny more. why can we negotiate prices with medicare? we have to put the clamps on big pharma and the device industry. if we don't, prices will continue to skyrocket. neil:.or, quick point of advice. i had heart surgery or a little over a year ago. my wife insists i eat healthy everyday. could you inform her because they think she's watching that is not true. >> you know, little bit of moderation, maybe a slice of pizza on the show may be okay.
12:48 pm
just at the gym afterwards. neil: i knew you would say that. thank you very, very much. i may come if you're watching, that's not exactly what he meant -- it is what he meant. a little more after this.
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12:52 pm
it is now giving a come a giving up, raising their hands, walking off. nobody has ever seen that before appeared because he did not trump as your president. neil: president trump taken a vow for isis on the run right now. all but forced out of raqqa in syria. questions that could be on the run globally to the former national security adviser, president dick cheney on the developments. john hannah. i would think it is risky to take a bow for something that isn't quite dead yet. you know, that is what gives me pause here. what are your thoughts on what the president is saying? >> on one hand, the president is right. the collapse of the physical caliphate in syria and iraq is a huge symbolic blow to isis the organization. on the other hand, it is clear that nasdaq collapse accelerates
12:53 pm
, they are also accelerating their efforts to commit atrocities against the west indies external terrorist attacks. i think we've got to remain very much on our guard and not take too earlier victories and drop our guard. neil: the british intelligence officials are worried about terrorist networks running rampant there and they fully expect a follow-up attack. we've seen the record number of them in the european capitals. could that be a sign that isis or other elements like it, al qaeda are regrouping, repurpose and themselves in other areas. do they need an actual homeland or base of operation in this day and age, what do you think? >> well, they certainly don't commit these kinds of terrorist atrocities. at the end of the day, the ideology, religion suggest they have to have physical terrain
12:54 pm
they control where the implement sharia law in not only in the land of islam, but across the globe. until you can get to that point, until you are strong enough come you got to prepare the ground and that means relentless terrorist attacks against the west. i think you are right, that at least in europe, all the alarms are going off, and the lights are all flashing red for terrorist attacks. neil: to roll the iranians might be playing right now, a lot of suspicion to decertify this nuclear deal we are going to see more trouble, more reignited terror activity financed in part, suppord in part by the iranians. would you expect? >> the big thing the president did last week that hasn't gotten enough attention with his designation of the islamic revolutionary guard corps, the group in iran that is behind all of their malevolent activities
12:55 pm
from the nuclear program all the way through terrorism and regional aggression of ballistic missiles. they are now a terrorist organization. they have sent top iranian officials that is tantamount to a declaration of war against iran and they are going to respond against american interests in the middle east. so i i think the site is comingo us and we've got to be ready on all fronts. neil: thank you very much. i think, john hannah, good seeing you. we are still awaiting nfl commissioner roger goodell, where we are told players and owners have tried to find a middle ground to express their frustration during the national anthem in the country and with the government doesn't really seem their issue, but should. nfl owners are concerned the attitude itself is chasing away. fans, viewers and maybe money
12:56 pm
from the score. his delicate dance and how he moves slower right after this. -- boost for word right after this. and data-visualization tools to help identify potential opportunities. so, you can do it this way... or get everything you need to help capture investment ideas and make smarter trading decisions with fidelity for just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. fidelity. open an account today. ♪ open an account today. our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name.
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. neil: all right. the dow is well, well, into record territory today. ibm is about 2/3 of the reason. we're getting into the particulars now with the dow comfortably over 23,000 and then some. we'll monitor what is leading that. suffice it to say better-than-expected earnings companies that are doing better than we thought, even in the case better than we thought, not
1:00 pm
doing as poorly as we thought. that is really what that comes down to. we're waiting my anyone for announcement of nfl owners, representatives of players union on any middle ground, if there is any middle ground. this thing is 45 minutes behind schedule. i don't know what that means. connell mcshane in new york on what it could mean. what do you think? reporter: we never got a firm time on this. the letter was 12:15ish. they had a separate meeting, players, owners at different location here in new york before the whole group of 32 nfl owners came here to lower manhattan to begin their meeting and that get together with the players went alot longer than expected. that was the storyline of yesterday. they said it was good dialogue theyed that, that kind of thing and called it a productive meeting. to your point, we had this
1:01 pm
conversation last hour when i was on with you, the commissioner came into the room last night, didn't hold a news conference, just made a brief statement that said they had a good meeting and they agreed to talk again. they would meet in couple weeks not only about the anthem protests we've been talking about in particular, or the issues that the players are concerned about around those protests, issues of social justice and what have you, they would have the meeting, players and owners within the next two weeks according to roger goodell. that is what he said last night. they promised at time they would come back for a full-blown news conference. they're running late on that. owners are making their way slowly out of here. you get the idea that the meeting is wrapping up and we'll get the commissioner. we'll see. neil: the idea that jerry jones raised, everybody can kneel before the national anthem and
1:02 pm
up and and up and at emand made their feelings known. so i don't know what that could be. reporter: there is speculation of day or week dedicated to issues of social justice surrounding players. this month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. many players are wearing a pink wristband or something like that, there might be a day dedicated to issues they care about. we don't know. there hasn't been any confirmation. certainly wasn't speculated by the commissioner in the brief statement last night. we'll see. if he says anything further about it today but it is tough, tough to find what you describe as a middle ground, the idea of making everybody happy because this has become a polarized issue. that is one of the things when i was talking to you last time, when you poll people like gallup did on football's popularity, it is down overall. it is not as simple as that.
1:03 pm
that it has become politicized. that the league is losing republicans quicker than democrats. doesn't speck directly to the anthem issue, a lot of people think that is the reason. we'll ask the commissioner about that. that speaks to the business impacts, multibillion-dollar business. neil: put it mildly, connell, thank you very much. connell mcshane. of course the president tweeted on this earlier today, making it very clear he doesn't like the fact that the nfl is potentially punting on this. it decided it will not force players to stand for the playing of our national anthem, total disrespect for our great country, a point he echoed for our brian kilmeade. between interviews with the most powerful person on planet and best-seller, coming out, andrew jackson, miracle of new orleans. >> next week. i talked to the president yesterday. neil, what you are forgetting even if the commissioner said i'm mandating every player stand, there's a a players union and the players union is not saying that every player should
1:04 pm
stand. neil: the players union is represented there. >> he wasn't supposed to be. this was an owners meeting. demara smith says i will not allow you say all of sudden, without negotiation, universal truth everyone stand. i want them to do what they want to do. you can't really fault the commissioner. he is not coming out saying i don't have the power, not my problem. i think it is good leadership where i don't think it is my place to do it. neil: what is, i have gotten different stories, all players are supposed to be out on the field. >> gameday procedures are listed there, not mandated. we prefer it, hand over the heart, standing with your helmet under your arm listening to the national anthem. neil: it is not a contract item right. >> lebron james locked arms but nobody took a knee. neil: remember jerry jones espousing kneeling in unison
1:05 pm
prior to the game. everyone stand for the national anthem. players are not incline todd do that. where does that stand? >> yes, jerry jones had a protester screaming in face, isn't this slavery, you demanding players do this and he kept on walking. neil: but owners are afraid of that? >> i shouldn't say they should be. they are afraid of that image. if you own the team you can make the rules. i'm paying your salary. we have certain rules. you get 55% of revenue this league pays in. i show you numbers, you are getting less this year. sponsors locked into three-year deals. this is year two. we'll be all right for a year, if this continues numbers are less. fractured environment is a problem. the cte, head injuries have less kids playing the game. already was a problem. you have the situation, cte, legitimate problems not from you and i sit on sidelines, i worry that you know these guys are
1:06 pm
getting hurt, former players saying i wish i knew what i knew then i wouldn't have played. do i necessarily believe them, changes their lives in many respects? i don't know. when you have buoniconti, nick, successful businessman and hall of fame player, he has severe cognitive problems. his son is in a wheelchair. he says i can no longer support football. they're cinnamon news, that name buoniconti are synonymous. neil: do you think there are meetings with the players, here are the numbers you got last year, this is likely you get this year, next year it could be this, you do what you want, you realize what you're looking at? >> in broad scope you're damaging the product. i don't think if you're all for taking a knee and standing tall, you're damaging product by taking a knee and make as choice. you can go in new jersey to watch the jets and giants lose
1:07 pm
or choose to do tough with your family. i'm making a choice between patriotism and football. i will probably choose the country. you are making people make that choice. a lot of sports fans like myself are resentful of it. not that she shouldn't have a voice. i grew up with muhammad ali, my idol, name change, i have no problem. bill russell and kareem jabbar are active in the 60s, i want you to take a royal. they didn't take a knee in the national anthem. george foreman walked around with a flag in the olympics. he came from a horrible neighborhood in houston anything but homogenous. i'm pro-country. i want to make my country better. here is my flag. i think what they don't understand, even if their cause is pure and just, you're making us choose between country and your cause and we don't know where this came from. it came not from a muhammad ali. neil: finding ample ground to boycott,? those who support players, boy
1:08 pm
coat teams like espn commentator, that are forcing this on their players. conversely sports fans, i will boycott the nfl and their advertiser because of this. >> lose-lose. some commentators are saying, especially in that case, she is african-american women who has spoken out before, said bad things about the celtics in 2008. about their organization. she got sus pinnedded for that. this is her second time. she had to know it was coming. i don't know what kind of lesson, you get two weeks suspension with pay and more fame and glory and go from "the tonight show" and stephen colbert. it creates racial friction in the country, makes us question when we watch the game who is kneeling, who is sitting. nobody takes more knees than the 49ers. since they started taking a knee they won two games in two years. is that somehow karma coming back at them? neil: the president when he raises this, a lot of people say he doubled down on this a lot of
1:09 pm
players are not forgetting the sob remark. is he complicating this. >> i originally said yes, and i wish he didn't weigh in, i think you had me on before taking a knee. i know exactly how he feels, and i agree with him. neil: right. >> i think by using the s.o.b. word, getting personal he made it worse. if it comes out in neil cavuto interview at 1:00 on wednesday, you ask the president, what do you think about them taking a know, that is different from on stage in alabama, packed crowd using that word. neil: very much show. >> i would have done it different. neil: brians thank you very much. meantime, nfl and fans whether they bolt. management consultant eric shiver. what do you think? >> i think that the nfl went into this meeting yesterday with the hopes they could negotiate some kind of a deal, neil. i think they realize they can't. giving some type of an offering with respect to social justice
1:10 pm
won't do it. players will not stop doing what they are doing. they don't care about fines. they recognize in the courts they probably will lose against players. so they capitulated and in the process of -- >> don't they worry about some of the stuff outlined here and how much it hurts bottom line and extra checks and size of those checks? >> i think that hasn't trickled down yet. neil: really? >> i don't think it is real for them this is emotionally-charged issue. the nfl certainly hasn't really, it hasn't penciled out yet. there is still a lot of speculation but what the nfl is doing, in my opinion, the nfl has chosen to commit brand suicide through this choice. i mean they originally went to the direction of the players. they pulled back when conservatives were outraged with the attacks as to what they saw to be against the principles of
1:11 pm
what they believe in, as exemplified through the flag. now they're switching back again to the players. really sending a signal, to conservatives, that you don't count. that you don't matter. this will enrage conservatives. they are sending a napalm shot on flags across from the mountains to the prairies with this move. neil: you know, you could argue they didn't have a stellar reputation, the nfl as a brand, supporting players supporting beating up their girlfriend and go back even further, michael vick and abuse of animals. not as if they have been very vigilant in policing this sort of stuff, behavior issues go way beyond the national anthem the so they were kind after damaged brand to begin with and this seems to be the coupe de gras. what do you think of that. >> there is no question they have issues. they did the best they could in
1:12 pm
isolating those issues and attempting to make an example of people that were behaving very badly -- neil: always late and always tentative and always to the point of just responding to the pressure after the fact, not it would seem on their own initiative? >> well, you have a lot of stakeholders. neil: you're right. absolutely right. >> you have a running by committee with strong personalities worth a lot of money and everyone feels strongly on their position. so you can see why they may not have been proactive. this is mammoth blow. this is thermonuclear. it doesn't compare to anything like before because it has such global and national policy issues and principle issues, that of race, just a major, major issue. neil: you are a major, major league right as you always are, eric. thank you very much. reputation management consultant, eric schiffer. we're waiting to hear from the commissioner of football to hear how they will deal with this
1:13 pm
going forward again. finding a middle ground proved to be finding it on quicksand. no winning way to handle it. they will come up with number of measures but will that change what is downward trend on nfl. wall street doesn't care. ibm which was considered loser dinosaur of the dow, back with avenge against. not because it is, a vengance. not because it was on fire. because it doesn't stink as much. we'll be back after this.
1:14 pm
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♪ >> my focus on tax cuts because it is such an important weapon to get our country really moving. so we'll go from being one of the highested taxed nations in the world to one of the lowest-taxed. meaning more jobs, higher wages and more products stamped with the words, made in the usa. neil: all right, i think, i this senator was at the meeting. west virginia, senator, shelly moore capito. were you there? >> i wasn't there but i like exactly what he said. neil: key senate finance committee members of both parties, sending a signal we're all in this together. tax cuts work.
1:18 pm
we all benefit, first do you think the votes is there on the budget to pave the way to get this thing done? >> i budget vote is tomorrow. i believe the vote is there. we moved past ad hurdle to move on to the budget. neil: right. >> there will be a lot of tough votes on thursday. we know how important this is to every single working american. to make ourselves competitive, more wages, more jobs, this influences everybody. i'm very, very excited about this. i think it will have the desired effect. i think we're going to get it through. neil: there are some differences within your own party, senator, as you know. i don't have to state the obvious there. it got a little nasty between senator rand paul and lindsey graham. maybe that is typical when you get close to a vote, a lot of bickering back and forth, there does seem to be a sense, that lindsey graham says rand paul
1:19 pm
will be a no. and lindsey graham will be a hypocrite, talk about cutting spending but never cut it. how nasty is this? >> >> of them are strong individuals to have their own opinions. i will not get into the middle of that. neil: feel free. >> feel free. we have to adopt the attitude that this, we're all in this together. both democrats and republicans. certainly if you see inner republican fighting that is unhelpful. i think we all approach it from a little bit different lens, desired effect, getting more people back to work, having more money in your pocket, making our companies competitive globally, this is where i think the focus needs to be, instead of nitpicking and challenging every small detail. let's look at bigger picture here. i hope that will be prevailing thought when we go to vote on think, your democratic counterpart from your fine state, joe manchin, this might be a while ago, he could not be a fan of this tax package as it stands.
1:20 pm
that it is tilted too much to the rich. do you think he has a point? >> no, i don't think he has a point. i had a small business roundtable in west virginia on thursday. somebody who employees six people told me that when she gets tax reform and tax relief, first thing she will do is raise wages on well-trained employees. that is more money. when you talk about larger employees, they will retain and keep better health care for their employees. when you talk about communications shop, she needs to make investment of a million dollars for new software. that is what she will do to keep 38 people she has working, expand six more positions. so i think west virginia stands to benefit from this. i don't know how anybody from west virginia could vote against it. neil: forget the democratic votes ultimately what it comes to, senator. you heard the line, republicans have to do something to make sure it isn't tilted to the rich. the fact is, top 10% pay 70% of
1:21 pm
the taxes, top 5%, close to half. i know the drill there, but they're going to demand a pound of flesh presumably from the well to do, separate rate, higher rate, are you for that if that is what it took to close the deal, would you be okay with that? >> look, we have to get this done. the dials are going to be changing, whether it is individual rates for wealthier individuals. whether it is some dial changing on the estate tax or something like that. those are things that we're under discussion right now, but bigger picture. as i said before, bigger picture what we need to look this means tax relief for everybody. every working american is going to benefit from this. neil: do you worry, earlier this week, senator, when the president made it clear, none of this is my fault. if the problem is here it is congress's fault? i'm paraphrasing here, he will not take the blame if this somehow fails in congress. he might in fact target you
1:22 pm
guys, what do you think? >> you know, i think that what we need to realize, we're all pulling with one oar here, we have as republicans the house, senate and president. what a wonderful opportunity. so i wish we wouldn't get defrayed into pointing fingers. there is plenty of blame to go around for everybody. neil: he saying no the him. he is saying not him, senator. >> that is his opinion. he is entitled to it. neil: you don't share that -- >> i think everybody shares in the blame. neil: okay. >> if it doesn't work. i will be an optimist here. it will work because it needs to work. it is well past due. you talk about this a lot on your show. it has been decade since we've done anything meaningful. we have such a great opportunity here, we have to seize it. i will not worry about if it fails. i will talk about it when it is signed. neil: you're confident that would be this year? >> oh, i'm hopeful, but, i think end of the year is a good target date. neil: senator capito, thank you very, very much.
1:23 pm
good seeing you again. >> thank you. neil: wall street seems to be confident this will happen. certainly would be going the other way if it felt were not. not that this entire rally is built on that, but built for time being built on not green but blue, big blue, ibm. disproportionate share of the run of 100 points in the dow, really rests what is going on with ibm. it is not as if ibm is off to the races. it is off the mat. its revenues are no longer sucking wind and that is good for these guys. after this. ♪ opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
1:24 pm
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. >> welcome back to cavuto "coast-to-coast." i'm nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange bringing you dow 23,000. the question is whether or not we can close above that key milestone. that's when you really clock it into the books. we are seeing ibm helping to
1:28 pm
lead the way today on a better-than-expected quarterly numbers. the stock is up nearly 10% today. it is adding roughly 100 points, almost 100 points to the dow jones industrials as ibm is surging on revenue and earnings beat. the ultimate in the biggest gain since april. neil, you noted that ibm has had its ups and downs, no doubt in 2013, 14, 15, those were all losing years for ibm, neil, as you know, one in transition from hardware and software maintenance and homes and offices and trying to get to the cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and mobile. neil: thank you very much. in the meantime, the boston herald is reporting that ben affleck woes having to do with harvey weinstein could threaten justice league, of course the superheroes and batman which he
1:29 pm
plays. he might be deemed too controversial and hurt batman, hurt justice league, hurt everybody? >> this story can't get worse, can it, neil? it keeps unfolding. the american people are watching, kind of want to look away, but can't stop watching. it's like a train wreck. neil: how real? how palpable is that? you would think people rally around the superhero, in this case, the guy playing him could drag down the superhero? >> you wonder what point people are going to say enough is enough. i don't think there is any secret that hollywood had the dark underbelly, and i think it's being exposed now, but maybe the difference is people are saying, hey, i don't want to just go to the movies and watch a star who he knows stood idly by, and maybe there is going to be some kind of implication on hollywood's bottom line at this point. >> you know, i'm wondering the
1:30 pm
long-term effect for hollywood in general, whether we take it out on movies. it's a leap to assume we take it out on all block buster movies. some of the stars implicated were friends with weinstein, would it extend that far? >> i think that's the question. how far does it extend within hollywood and beyond? one of the things that is interesting about this episode is how many women are sharing the stories. i'll be the first on admit i was a little taken aback by how many people i knew said they had been harassed or assaulted, and i'm a little concerned about what that means for culture and concerned about what that means for the relations between the sexes. i'm worried about what that means for men, how i raise my daughters and son. i worry what it means for social norms. the more we talk about this, do young men think this is a way young men should and do behave? i certainly hope not. neil: maybe with the attention it's gotten and it's rampant all over here, this
1:31 pm
organization saw it. maybe it's not an issue? >> i think there's a fine balance to be had. we want people to be comfortable, men and women who are mistreated to come forward and say this happened to me. at the same time, i think about my little guy who is five, and i don't want him to grow up to think this is the way men behave. he has a grandfather and father and teachers who are good, honest men and the role model ought to be and i want to spend more time focusing on that behavior and hope that becomes the norm for more men. neil: because they are the exception, far from the rule. sabrina schafer, thank you very much. >> thanks, neil. neil: lot of people e-mailing and texting when i'm quoting donald trump, referring to players, nfl players as sobs, say are as another case of fake news, cavuto blasting our president for saying something he never said. i want to reiterate, we don't make crap up here.
1:32 pm
the president did say in an appearance in alabama a couple of weeks ago talking to a rabid crowd, wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when someone disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. he's fired, he's fired. i didn't say that. donald trump did. we'll have more after this. n. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that.
1:33 pm
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1:36 pm
. neil: all right, those california fires continue to roar on. hillary vaughn has the very, very latest in santa rosa, california. hillary? reporter: neil, the countdown begins for rain headed to this region tomorrow. that's a much-needed relief. right now the two biggest fires they're battling are around 85% contained. santa rose located in sonoma county experienced the brunt of the damage here. over 4,000 of the 5,000 structures burned to the ground have been here in santa rosa.
1:37 pm
a lot in this community, a lot of people under mandatory evacuation. over 20,000 of them not able to get back to their neighborhoods and for some, they don't have any home to return to. the president take time today to remind those left behind that fema is here to help tweeting moments ago, our hearts are with all affected by the wildfires in california. god bless our brave first responders and fema team. we support you. i spoke with the fema division supervisor for sonoma county who tells me, they will have to get creative with temporary housing. they're looking at bringing in temporary trailers, but don't want to do too much to disrupt neighborhoods here. right now they're weighing all options. >> the nature of the fire and multiple evacuations and trying to get a handle on that, it's made it difficult for everybody to get survivors back in the home. so currently, sonoma county is working with cal fire to do a
1:38 pm
repopulation plan so survivors can get back home and assess damage and see what they need for assistance. that's ongoing. and we've initiated recovery efforts on debris clearance as well as housing. those two are major challenges. reporter: getting thousands of families back on their feet into some type of home is just the beginning here. his team will be here at least through christmastime, neil? neil: hillary, thank you very much. quick peek at the dow, what's going on right now. in and out of session highs. better-than-expected earnings news. ibm a big catalyst accounting for 100 points of the gain. very, very different environment than what it was 30 years ago. tomorrow, the formal anniversary of the stock market crash when in one fell swoop, in one day, the dow lost a quarter of its value. this gentleman was way too young remember to that. if he was born then. i'm talking about financial
1:39 pm
historian, market expert john steel gordon. good to have you. >> good to be here. neil: could it happen again? that magnitude? >> sure. it probably will at some point, that could be 20, 30, 50 years from now, but it will happen again. neil: we get different crashes at different times for different reasons. in 1929, 1987. we've had crashes after since. we had big-point drops. they're all for different reasons, though, right? commonly, we get ahead of ourselves, right? >> yes, the market goes up too far, there's a correction, and people panic and sometime margin calls and calls it a snowball, that's what happened in 1929, the margin calls, you could buy stock on 10% margin. if the stock goes down one point, they're selling you out. neil: in '87 people were leaving for the exits at the same time. they thought they had insurance to cover. that program trading to give
1:40 pm
themselves a front row position but didn't work out that way. especially if everyone exits at the same time. >> this is portfolio insurance which is supposed to take the risk out of stock investment, which is, you know, good luck on that. neil: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> risk has to equal reward. neil: so what are the fundamentals like to you, right now, because a lot of people say fundamentals are a lot better now than they were then. do you agree with that? >> the p/e ratio is not as high as it was then. neil: talking about the price-to-earnings ratio, whether or not stocks are frothy or not? >> right. i don't think we're there at this point, the underlying environment is doing well, and the consumer confidence, for instance, is way up. unemployment is down. the numbers are looking better than they have in a long time. neil: do you ever go with the contrarian, the good news can be interpreted as bad news. when there is investors intelligence came out, bulls and bears, lot of people say the giddiness is almost too
1:41 pm
giddy, and that that usually presages something, do you agree with that? >> whenever everybody grease something is going to happen, the opposite will happen. the wall street adage, you know, buy on drum, sell on trumpets. neil: yeah, a lot of people approach me, john, and invariably hear the story in the markets and the records every day, blah, blah, blah, 4,000 point climb this year. i want in, neil. i want in. what do you tell them? i say it depends on time horizon, what do you say? >> i tell them reed benjamin graham, invest on quality stocks on long-term. neil: what's long-term to you? >> two years, three years, something like that. be prepared to sell it once you achieved your goal on that stock. but the underlying value in the stock that's important, not what the market is doing. you can't invest in the market, really. neil: a lot of people do. the funds that echo the market and the averages and the idea
1:42 pm
that you are richly rewarded over many years doing that, you could argue this some period that had not been a case, took a long, long time for the markets to come back after the market highs, certainly the nasdaq. is there a rule of thumb or vary on the individual? >> it varies on the individual, how bold you are, how rich you are. makes the other person perfectly happy to do it. neil: the global situation. black swan events we don't plan on can always change everything, a world war can do it. >> a world war would do it. neil: see? north korea is one of the wild cards. iran, one of the wild cards, but you can't plan on that. >> no. neil: the rule of thumb is the older you get, the more conservative you get. do you subscribe to that? >> absolutely. in your 20s, you have a long time to recovery, in your 60s, thinking about retiring and all
1:43 pm
of a sudden, poof, there goes your portfolio. back to work. neil: a lot of people say a bubble is building, not so much in stocks but in bonds, in interest rates that are extremely low, and people have gotten extremely used to it. and they don't remember, as i remember, first mortgage being around 13.5% and my wife and i thought we were financial geniuses. but you tell young people that today, they think you're nuts. so perspective, again, to your point is everything. what do you tell people who worry just about that. that maybe we're missing what's fueling this. the low interest rates that can't be sustained forever. >> no, they can't. they're going to revert back to normal, 3 or 4%. neil: therefore we are. >> now they're at 1%. it's going to revert to the normal at some point. neil: does the debt worry you at these levels? there is not much wiggle room
1:44 pm
for the problem? >> the national debt is higher than it's been, over 100% since 1946. we're gotten into a big problem of great depression or great war, you can't borrow a dollar twice until you pay it back once. neil: i like that. real quickly, this market, this dow, this level, lot of people say it's donald trump and the tax cuts. what do you say? >> i think the tax cuts is a big factor in it. neil: you don't see the tax cuts, then what? >> then you're going to get a correction of some sort. neil: yeah, okay. we'll watch that. john steele gordon, business financial historian, wasn't alive during the '87 crash. but he provided valuable perspective on it. all this at a time we're looking at self-driving cars in new york city. right outside here. self-driving cars, that should go well.
1:45 pm
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. neil: all right, i had no idea as we wait to hear from roger goodell, the nfl commissioner that this quoting on donald trump and the comments he made about football players would come back to create such controversy here. i didn't make this quote up. a lot of you insisted i have, including tracy who says liar, liar, pants should be on fire,
1:49 pm
you're a trump hater but you didn't buy it when i quoted him, exactly. maybe you will believe me -- well, he says it. this is from september 22nd, speaking in alabama at an event for senator strange. of course, a contest that strange lost, as you might recall, but anyway, this is what donald trump had to say about the nfl situation. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. out. he's fired. he's fired! [cheers] >> now i know people are going to say i planted the words in there. he did say that. i'm not saying whether i'm pro or anti that, he did say it. it was a wise thing to do, people say it was an extremely wise thing to do. we are waiting to hear from commissioner goodell. he came out saying the timing of that does not matter any. that was then, this is now.
1:50 pm
trying to find a middle ground with players how to handle the national anthem stuff. i'm not making this stuff up. those of you saying this is fake news, those of you saying you might not be fake, neil, but you're still fat. well, that's cruel. you just replaced another f-word with another f-word which is nasty, and you shouldn't do that. i have deirdre bolton. >> i'm coming with flowers next time, neil cavuto. i'm coming with flowers and chocolates. neil: you would get criticism. i tell you that. i know we have other things to go to. this football thing, it's become a big economic issue. >> it has become a big economic issue. if you look at the nfl and the nba, i like to look at organizations as they are, nfl, tax exempt which means they need to publish goodell's salary for people to be annoyed with him for making 44 million dollars a year. they can pay execs what they want. here's the difference as far as the issue is concerned.
1:51 pm
the nba a long time ago said if you play for any one of our teams, you must stand during the anthem. i think it's just an organizationally differently, or quite frankly, in line-run organization where they took the pressure off the players, they took the pressure off the owners and said if you're in our league, here's the rules, right? it's very clear cut. neil: i thought there were rules like that? >> for the nfl. there's a lot more gray area, which is why we're seeing this. so it is left to franchises and i feel like, okay, if you are running such a bms, you have to publish them and make the owners and players sign off and you don't have all of this, and you don't have sponsors threatened and you don't have controversy which at the end of the day from a media perspective, right, these teams want us to talk about the players, want us to buy the jersey, they want our kids to be fans, they don't want to be
1:52 pm
in the middle of this storm. neil: i know you have great stories, interesting. we'll wait to hear from commissioner goodell. one of the things that's come up again and again and again is this come to jesus moment they're having in the meetings, where the players are reminded, the reps are reminded, look here's how much you had in revenue sharing this year versus last year, which is down i'm told this year and down for the next year, they're going to spell it out and throw it out there and say you want to continue this? >> neil, you had a great guest on yesterday when i was sitting here with you. he was saying american football had an image problem. now i'm going to get the hate tweets. it's okay. for you, neil, i'm going to take. it had a pr issue to begin with. right? there were the concerns about alleged and sometimes proven domestic abuse. then the, of concussion. neil: you're right, they were chasing ground with that. >> then where i like to keep things on the business issue, again, going to the nba, i do
1:53 pm
not play in the nba, i do not know people in the nba in case people say i'm treating the nfl unfairly, but the nba signed a content contract worth $24 billion over a 10-year period. they signed that about a year and a half ago because people in china love to watch american basketball. football, u.s. football, american football, doesn't really have the same appeal overseas in other areas where there is tons of people, right? if something works in china, that's a simple business prospect. so i think that u.s. football just as a franchise, as a business, just has a lot of pr issues to deal with that other sports do not. at this time. neil: talking about the president and what he said and maybe he reignited this and maybe some of his fans and supporters and those who feel he's right, say fair game. we have a national anthem, this is what you do. has it pinned some people into a corner that see no middle ground?
1:54 pm
>> yeah, i think the nfl as an organization whether meeting with the union or team owners, they are hurting cats at this point. the situation could have been avoided decades ago, saying okay, here's the ground rules, if you are going to play, this is what the rules are. neil: deirdre, thank you for being understanding. we have breaking news where the commissioner is going to outline a middle ground. as i've been saying here, we don't know what the middle ground could be. the players want to -- want the right to kneel during the national anthem, and thes say no, no, no, that's unacceptable. how you find middle ground there, even talking about doing good deeds or addressing the social inequities that the players are protesting over and how that works in here, we don't have any idea. but again, the commissioner is going to try to spell that out, on a day stocks are off to the races and i can't repeat some of the texts and e-mails, and it really hurts my feelings. and fortunately deirdre is here.
1:55 pm
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neil: a couple things, beige book out momentarily. i and i wore this silly thing? nfl commissioner roger goodell. it was supposed to be, it is two hours behind schedule. that is a lot. which would seem to imply that
1:59 pm
maybe they're having trouble dotting the is and crossing the ts. which means they're having trouble coming to a final agreement. which means it is time for trish regan. trish: all more interesting when we hear what that agreement is, thank you, neil. we're waiting on roger goodell. and also moments away from federal reserve releasing beige book which cites the strength or lack thereof of the u.s. economy. we've been looking at a stronger economy. maybe we'll get additional prove of that in this beige book. so lots going on. we're wait buildings on the beige book. we're waiting on white house briefing from press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. of course that biggie out of the nfl. roger goodell is about to speak on whether or not the nfl will allow players to take a knee during the national anthem. i am trish regan. i got you covered on
2:00 pm
"the intelligence report" today on a very busy hour. meanwhile we have a big rally on wall street, ahead of 23-k. 23,157. let's see whether or not the economic data is supporting the market rally we have seen here's adam. reporter: economic activity increased in all 12 fed districts but despite a tight labor market, wages, at least the growth in wages is modest to moderate. price pressures remain modest. manufacturers are not passing input cost increases on to consumers. many districts are having difficulty finding qualified labor. despite a tight labor market, modest to moderate wage growth. richmond, atlanta, dallas region report disruptions from hurricane irma and harvey but not expected to be long-lasting. vehicle sales and tourism also increased. low home inventory continues to constrain residential sales. low commodity prices are


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